Blossom Wellness

Reiki Energywork. Sound Healing. Chakra Therapy. IMF Sessions. 

Holistic Self-Care for Mind, Body, and Soul

We are limitless, luminous beings in a physical form having a human experience. 

Deep at our core we are energy because everything in the Universe is Energy.

We are each a unique vibration, resonating our own frequencies in harmony with the world and the heartbeat of Creatiom. Every day, life is an adventure we are meant to enjoy, explore and create, laugh and love, and be healthy and happy. 

The practice of  holistic self-care affords us the  confidence and wellbeing to live boldy, and f ind contentment, purpose, and value in all we do.


What does Wellness mean to you?  

Well-being is maintaining an energetic balance amidst the chaos of everyday existence. 

Wellness is being holistically supported and empowered, in our pursuit of well-being.

Blossom Wellness can help you replenish and rejuvenate your energy and vitality, 

and bring balance to the Divine Feminine and Masculine within. 

To restore harmony and equilibrium, in body, mind, and soul. 



Blossom Wellness Sessions include the use of multiple vibrational healing modalities.

Breathwork, Intention, Guided Meditation, Sound and Reiki Therapy, and Healy IMF technology. 

For a limited time, all sessions are $50 (45 minutes) by appointment.

Wellbeing affords us the potential for love and happiness.


Frequency therapy is based on the concept that everything is Energy. Our tissue, organs, atoms, our thoughts, emotions, feelings and intentions have unique frequencies that resonate the conditions of our environment. Individualized Microcurrent Frequency therapy helps promote harmony in oir bio-energetic field, promoting balance, mental and physical equilibrium.

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Reiki is an ultra-high frequency, a cosmic vibration of 

"Divine Light".spectrum,

Reiki recalibrates us on multi-levels, resonating pure love and divine consciousness within all the cells of the body, restoring us to our original perfection. Reiki is self Intuitive and can help clear energy to ease stress, sleeplessness, chronic pain, anxiety.  

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Sound is energy and frequency, vibrating at various speeds or Hz. We encounter Sound in many forms every day of our lives, unaware that the effects of sound can replenish or pollute our body, brain and soul creating physical and mental disharmony. Sound is frequency therapy to help release toxins and restore harmony in the body, brain, and soul. 

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Jade Liu

Holistic Consultant, Life Path Coach, Metaphysician.

Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Qigong and Sound Healing Practitioner.

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 30-minute resonance frequency session. Online by appointment only.

This offer is good through the month of January 2022.