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Self-Care for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Qigong. Yoga. Reiki. Meditation. Sound Healing. HEALY™ (IMF) Sessions 

These past few years have been tumultuos to say the least, often devastating and certainly tough for everyone. The world as we've known it is no longer and we have had to embrace the change like it or not. Many  of us are still feeling overwhelmed, are still grieving personal loss, are disenchanted and discombobulated. Shocked and traumatized, unable to see a clear path to restoration and peace.  

How do we shift our consciousness to embrace these  titanic times? How can we move forward 

in compassion and in trust? How can we support ourselves to carry on day after day? How can we assimilate what we've learned, to embrace change and our future with hope and faith?

We are limitless, luminous beings in a physical form, having a human experience. Deep at our core we are pure energy because everything in the Universe is energy. Energy has a vibration, we each have unique frequency that resonates the heartbeat of the world around us. That is our Divine imprint, the Light we shine into the world. "As above, so below. As within, so without". Our mind and body reflect the level of our energy and quality of consciousness. Our "presence" attracts to us that which we reflect out. The Healing Arts provide simple methods of self care  that can be done anywhere at anytime with an accumulative effect, using the power of  self-will to align body-mind in Spirit for clarity, focus and purpose.  A personal practice restores us to our natural bio-rhythms. It helps harmonize the (HEF) and (QEF) matrix, the internal and external support systems for our overall wellbeing. Change begins from within us and resonates into the world around us. Hollistic Self Care helps us cleanse from the core, releases impurities and toxic negativity. The practices help us let go of all that impedes , all that restrains us, all the road blocks that keep us from being our highest best self...

Self care boosts the energy of mind, body and soul. It reveals our authentic truth and uncovers the path of our divine destiny. When we live in harmony we connect with Source where we have access to all that is needed for peace and happiness. This is Holistic Wellness

Classes. Courses. Workshops in Energy Alchemny  practices.

For Individuals, Businesses, Groups.

Fun healthy activities for conferences, parties, and events.



Wellness Sessions are layered with multiple modalities to help clear energy and balance the chakras. Session smay include using the frequencies of Reiki, Guided Meditation,Sound Therapy, and the application of (Healy) Individual Microcurrent Frequencies for health and optimal wellbeing.

Health is our wealth. May you live long and prosper.


Frequency Therapy is based on the concept that we are Energetic Beings. We are Energy in physical form. The proper function of our biorhythms; and our overall mental-emotional-physical health is based on the frequency and level of energy we maintain, day in day out.. Vibrational applications like HEALY (Individual Microcurrent Frequency) sessions help analyse and identify areas in which our bio-frequencies are depleted, and help re-align our physical, mental and emotional energy, boosting our frequency to support the overall wellbeing, of body, mind and spirit.

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Reiki is an a cosmic vibration of the "Divine Light".spectrum. What does that mean? When Reiki is used in a healing session, energy of this super high frequency filters through all of our auric layers while it recalibrates our biorhythms and energetic matrix,

 on all-levels,. Reiki resonates the frequency of pure Unconditional LOVE and DIVINE Consciousness, the energy of Creation that knows us as perfection. Reiki enlivens all the cells of the body and brain,. releasing toxins, cellular memories, trauma and past life events. Reiki buffers the side effects in the process of human spiritual evolution.

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Sound is a vibration of energy. 

Energy is Consciousness. Life vibrates consciously, fluctuating moment by moment according to its environment, Sound entrains itself with the like-same  frequencies in our physical, mental and emotional bodies, promoting harmony in body and brain. Sound can raise or lower our vibration (make or break us as they say) according to it's intention and application. Sound healing sessions apply sound frequency using various tools and practices, to release stagnant stuck, energy, tonify and replenish the chakras, and provide sonic nutrients to our body and brain..

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Jade Liu. Certified Holistic Consultant. Life Coach. Reiki Master  

Kangen™ Water Enthusiast - Water is Life! 

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Receive a complimentary Healy™ " personal bio-frequency Resonance Analysis  

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This offer is good through the month of July 31st, 2022.